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Should You Take Up Metal Detecting?

metal detector in an open field

So, you are thinking about taking up this wonderful leisure activity referred to as Metal Finding … that is outstanding! Allow’s begin by looking at the hobby from a beginners viewpoint. I feel that when someone intends to go ‘metal finding,’ they don’t wish to identify steel; what they truly intend to do is go prize searching! Sure, ‘Steel Detector’ is the formal name of that long, slim pole with coils of cord wrapped around it, the big, circular flying saucer connected to completion and the fascinating control box with all the blinking lights as well as buttons, sending out odd beeps and also clicks. This complicated device must be for something of a supersecret nature, perhaps for finding long-lost traces of an alien-human being or the next uranium mine.

This would seem practical however certainly we know the truth – a metal detector is not made use of to find metal, it is used to locate PRIZE! I do not assume anyone gets a steel detector to look for soft drink canisters, container caps, nails, or an old item of barbed cord. We intend to find beneficial items that just take place to be made of some kind of rare-earth elements, such as silver or gold rings, watches, earrings, chains or even raw gold nuggets. We additionally want to locate things that are very old and also have historic worth, such as Civil War or perhaps Revolutionary War items such as old firearm mini-balls and also cannon spheres and even an old weapon, sword or blade! Or maybe something simply actually cool! No matter, the sorts of treasure existing buried simply inches listed below our feet is mind-blowing … simply waiting to be uncovered by YOU. What are we waiting on?

Let’s begin after that, shall we?

Every budding Treasure Hunter requires a few devices of the profession to have an enjoyable, pleasurable and even successful experience. The basic setup will consist of the following:

All-Purpose Steel Detector

Gee thanks, never would certainly have thought about that, right? I understand it is a little evident (OK, very apparent!) but it is one of the essential things you will require, and it shouldn’t be acquired in a rush. Having the best metal detector for a newbie will certainly ensure you get your new pastime off to a fantastic begin. As a beginner, you should concentrate on an all-round steel detector that utilizes VLF innovation. This type of detector offers great discovery ability along with wonderful discrimination circuitry, which will certainly permit you to recognize when you are identifying container caps or a gold wedding celebration ring. You do not intend to waste time digging up old bottle caps unless certainly, you are right into old bottle caps! (not that there is anything wrong with that). Whatever the case, you will certainly have a suggestion of what you have found before you dig which is a essential attribute of any type of metal detector. Other things to think about are the weight, size of the shaft (you don’t wish to need to stoop) and also battery life.

Once you have chosen a great steel detector, you can begin searching for prize. Nevertheless, to truly appreciate your own, these extra steel finding tools will help you get the most out of your steel detector acquisition. Many people that are into steel finding today use some or all of these useful things:


The pinpointer is a little variation of a steel detector that allows you ‘identify’ the exact location of an item after your steel detector has signed up a hit. The idea of the pinpointer has a small variety, so you can quickly spot exactly where the item is. This will avoid you from missing tiny things that are close together and can conserve you from excavating large holes.


A good quality digger can make life less complicated when you are not working in soft sand (beach). These tools resemble a garden trowel yet can have holes in them to filter the dirt. The very best miners are constructed from fiber composite product (non-metal) to make sure that you can quickly utilize your pinpointer on a load of dirt without the miner itself interfering with the signal.

Sand Scoop

See anybody functioning a coastline as well as you will certainly soon understand exactly how useful sand inside story is. As soon as you get a hit, you promptly scoop up the sand, confirm the thing is still there with your pinpointer and also shake the scoop until the sand fails, leaving you with the good things — an essential item when operating in soft dust and also sand.

Device and Prize Bag

The tool and also treasure bag is made to be endured your belt or rollover your shoulder and also has areas for your pinpointer, miner as well as various other small items in addition to a place to keep your treasure securely kept. Don’t neglect your essential devices the next time you head out, or neglect them or your priceless prize when it’s time to go residence. Play it wise and keep everything organized in one of these particularly made bags.


Steel detectors make noises when they discover steel and also some versions make different audios, louder and softer, relying on the type of metal they have discovered. You do not desire the noise of rustling trees, birds, web traffic, ocean waves or other people causing you to miss out on anything. Strap on a good set of metal discovering headphones and also you’ll make sure to hear the tiniest chirp from your trusted detector.

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